Interactive Websites and Data Driven Apps

Need an interactive website or data driven app that has multi page forms, document signing, sells products, lists things, calculates, has charts and graphs, provides business intelligence, integrates with other services, automates tasks or responds to user input?

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UK Based Experts You Can Trust

Conceptia Limited have been helping companies create and maintain unique, interactive, feature rich websites and web apps since 2002. We have delivered and hosted over 500 projects making us one of the most successful and longest established web app development businesses in the country. At Conceptia we specialise in creating responsive, mobile friendly interactive content and applications using the WordPress platform and related technologies such as WooCommerce and Formidable Forms. We provide our customers with Managed WordPress Hosting on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform for the ultimate in scalability, flexibility and security.

Why Choose WordPress?

With its security, user management, extendibility and programmability along with its powerful inbuilt functionality and massive range of add-on plugins, the building blocks of your interactive website or data driven app are already there. Without the need to develop a project from scratch it can be delivered remarkably quickly and at an affordable cost.

WordPress powers approximately 30% of the web and is used by well know companies and entities including;  BBC, Sony, Microsoft, CNN, Vogue and Nasa. Let us show you how your business can leverage this amazing software too. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

About Us

We have an enviable mix of design and technical skills enabling us to create web content that looks good, works seamlessly, offers cutting edge functionality, is backed up and secured.

Why Choose Conceptia?

Many developers focus only on the design. We go much deeper than that and not only deliver great looking interactive websites and web apps, we also excel at creating functionality that’s intuitive, easy to use, works flawlessly and is engaging. Plus our support, hosting and backup technology are second to none, so you can rest assured you’ll get a reliable service and that your data is safe.

The Conceptia Team

Responsive Themes

WordPress uses installable Themes to create the look and layout of content. We offer a range of premium themes worth hundreds of pounds as part of our hosting packages. We can even create custom Themes for bespoke requirements. These are often required for data driven apps.

Business Pro
Agent Focused
Corporate Pro
Studio Pro
Course Maker Pro
Hello Pro

Interactive Functionality

The Magic of Plugins

A key feature of WordPress is it’s use of Plugins which are installable extras that provide additional functionality for specific requirements. Many plugins are devloped and maintained free of charge by the WordPress community. Some require you to pay a small annual fee for the Plugin, updates and support. However these small charges are often eclipsed by the benefits delivered such as effeciency savings, more sales and higher profits. Below are some examples of popular types of functionality added to WordPress via plugins.

  • Galleries and Sliders
  • Team Profiles
  • FAQs Management
  • Car Sales
  • Event Calendars
  • Flipbooks
  • Property Search
  • Portfolios and Catalogues
  • Blogging Tools
  • Popup Ads
  • Contact Forms and Surveys
  • Customer Signup Application
  • Social Network Creation
  • Team Management
  • Chat Rooms
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • Live Chat Support
  • Quote Management
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Enquiry or Support Case Management
  • SEO Tools
  • Product Registration and Upgrades
  • Subscription Management
  • eCommerce with WooCommerce
  • Stock Control
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Member Site Functionality
  • Google Shopping Integration
  • Amazon Integration
  • Event and Service Bookings

With such a huge range of plugins available, it's also rare that custom Plugin development is needed, making WordPress the number one for turnkey functionlity and cost effective web development.

Secure Managed WordPress Hosting on AWS

A Great Combination

Together, our extensive SysOps/DevOps experience along with AWS’ unrivaled range of services offering speed, security, content delivery, scalablability, burstable performance and backup solutions enables us to ensure our customers' can leverage the latest cutting edge cloud techology when deploying their WordPress sites.

For GDPR compliance assessment and peace of mind our customers also know exactly how their data is stored, that it's protected using advanced security measures and everything is backed up with volume snapshots and at file level if required.

  • Wide Range of Virtual Machine Specs
  • Limitless Storage Options
  • Burstable Processing Power
  • Global Content Delivery Network
  • Virtual Private Cloud Resource Isolation
  • Development and Staging Servers
  • Optimised Cloud Databases
  • Auto Scaling and High Availability
  • Traffic Shaping and Load Balancing
  • Operating System Security Patch Management
  • WordPress and Plugin Update Management
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring
  • Managed Network Firewall
  • Firewall Virtual Appliance
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Scheduled Server Snapshot Backups
  • Scheduled Data Backups
  • Intrusion Prevention

Many of the above services are offered as standard with our managed WordPress server packages. We encourage potential new customers to view managed Wordpress server offerings by other companies to see just how good our range of services, support promise and pricing is. Unlike many of our competitors we offer e-mail, chat and telephone support as standard.

Managed WordPress Hosting Prices*

Pro WordPress Hosting
Ideal for small business brochure websites and blogs
  • Range of premium themes included
  • Scheduled server backups
  • Server monitoring
  • Range of trusted plugins preinstalled
  • Server maintained + secured
  • WordPress maintained + updated

Plus for an extra £165 PA we'll professionally manage your website updates and design changes. Terms, conditions and limits apply.

Advanced WordPress Server
Ideal for high traffic volume business apps and eCommerce websites
  • Multisite hosting (up to 8 sites)
  • Range of premium themes included
  • No plugin restrictions
  • SSL certificates included
  • Scheduled server backups
  • Daily incremental data backups
  • Burstable server performance
  • Hosted in managed AWS VPC
  • Managed custom network firewall
  • Server monitoring
  • Server maintained + secured
  • WordPress maintained + updated

Plus receive 10% off first 20 hours of WordPress development work when subscribing to this server type.

Custom WordPress Server
Ideal for high traffic volume websites requiring high availability
  • Totally bespoke solutions
  • Server/s built to required spec
  • Traffic shaping
  • Load balancing
  • Autoscaling
  • High availability
  • Optimised cloud database
  • Content delivery network
  • Firewall virtual appliance
  • Intrusion prevention

Plus receive 15% off first 40 hours of WordPress development work when subscribing to this server type.

Custom Development

We Put Functionality First

Bespoke Data Driven Apps

Do you want to increase efficiency savings or improve your sales, customer retention or marketing processes? Why not consider a custom web appplication to streamline daily admin tasks or improve data collection, sales forms, application forms, employee time management, data analysis, marketing, client relationship management, payments, elearning, surveys, subscription management, product registration and upgrades or your company intranet? We can help and it may cost a lot less than you think. Enquire now.

Custom Theme Development

If your company needs a specific aesthetic that can't be accomodated by an exisiting Theme, we can develop a custom Theme using the Genesis Framework. A framework is the foundation for a WordPress theme. Typically, the framework contains the core code which covers the basic features and design elements. We use the Genesis Framework because it's lightweight, robust, secure, frequently updated, respoinsive/mobile friendly, has SEO support and has been used to build over 250,000 websites.

Custom Plugin Development

If the wide range of freely available and premium Plugins do not meet your needs, we can build custom Plugins for specific business requirements so your customers can interact with your site exactly as required. Support, update and resale agreements can all be arranged.

Custom Integrations

Do you want to integrate a third party service such as a payment gateway, marketing platform, job board, pricing or quote system with your WordPress website? We have wide ranging experience in successfully delivering such solutions. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Ready for a Quote?

Whether you're looking for a developer to create a new website or web application, want to migrate an existing site to the mobile friendly WordPress platform or hire a developer for a long term project, we can help.

For many small projects we can provide a fixed price quote. Small business websites typically start at just £400, we offer eCommerce packages as low as £995 and bespoke data driven apps for as little as £1500, all of which are outstanding value for money. To discuss your requirements and to find out what we can offer your business, contact us now.

Do you run an SME that doesn't want the expense of a full time developer? With our WPEmbed service you can have an experienced WordPress developer working for your business a set number of days or hours per week, for an extended period. The advantages of your WPEmbed service:

  • Receive discounted hourly rates
  • The embedded developer will be a valued member of your team you can get to know and rely upon
  • Cuts out the stress and expense of hiring a developer full time
  • Contract lengths and hours to meet your needs
  • Embedded developer can work remotely or at your premises

Typical users of our WPEmbed service include:

  • eCommerce ventures requiring constant website updates and SEO work
  • Businesses with large websites or web applications containing forms and surveys for data collection that require frequent development
  • Owners of large sites with complex database and load balancing requirements

WPEmbed contract lengths start at just eight days during one calendar month.

Do you have an old website that needs updating and most importantly does it need to be made mobile friendly? We have significant experience in managing such projects and helping customers preserve, and in many cases improve, their site's search engine rankings as part of the process. Contact us now to discuss your requirements with us.

There is no quick fix for SEO, it’s a long term project which requires patience and technical knowledge. We are honest about this and base our advice on facts and the data provided by the Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Shopping Feeds which we configure and manage for our customers. As well as the text, images and HTML tags there are many less visible technical aspects such as mobile usability and page speed that also effect website rankings. We work with our customers on all of these elements, thus providing a holistic service. Many SEO companies will only look at the text, images and HTML tags, leaving the more technical aspects (which are just as important) undeveloped.

There are also new technologies we support such as AMP which can boost your site’s presence on search engines. We can develop AMP websites using both native and paired methods. For more information about our SEO, Google and AMP development services, contact us now.

We offer a wide range of ancillary services such domain name registration, POP3 and IMAP e-mail as well as professional Route 53 DNS management.